The Color of Rain

About two months ago I submitted a piece of my writing to Anthropologie for their magazine, unfortunately they didn't use it but I thought that some of y'all might enjoy it so I'm sharing it with you.

original photo // typography by jocee

The Color Of Rain 
  I’m an odd sort of person, the kind who associates nostalgic memories with a color in a very specific mental rainbow. My favorite color is the color of rain. In my mind it’s kind of a musty aquamarine, a variation of color somewhere between sea foam and grey, the “color”, if you will, washes of over me with a cozy feeling that urges me to materialize a crackling fireplace and a collection of E.E. Cummings poetry with a nice cup of vanilla cocoa right before my eyes.

  Rain is the kind of thing that’s an ironic combination of refreshment, the cool kind of sprinkle that sits on tops of your head and weaves itself between each strand of your hair before making its way down your forehead and over your shoulders causing your overall body temperature to drop. While being cozy and warm at the same time. For some reason that I may never understand I've always associated rain with home, not a brick and cement building kind of home but the kind of home that is also a synonym for security and safety, being tucked in before bed on Christmas eve with promises of Santa or always having someone to hug you when you kiss you when you cry.

  I believe that the first people who ever felt rain felt that lump in their chest that we’re all so familiar with and they smiled. They may not have understood its origins and at first it may have frightened them, but I think that they soon embraced it. Overcast days with the pitter patter of fresh water from heaven will always be my favorite kind of day. I will always dance in the rain, and play in the water spout, jump in puddles, and curl up next to the window. May the sound of distant thunder and the color of rain always be the rhythm that my heart synchronizes itself to as I sleep.

What's your favorite color?


  1. Ah, I love this, Bleah! I think my favourite colour is the colour of summer -- a bright azure with flashes of yellow. Lovely post! :)

  2. This is lovely :) I think they were daft for not using it :)
    Kimmy x

  3. GORGEOUS. I love that movie so much, and this is all loveliness. xo

  4. so one time, when i went to my friend's grandma's funeral, we had to travel 4hrs with my church by bus. it was way north from where i live, and for a long time, there were only fields of crop on either side of the road. it wasn't a generally sunny day, but it wasn't raining either, except for far off towards the fields' end. there were dark, blue-ish clouds that spewed water down in sheets of the same colour, watering the fields and keeping the plants hydrated. it was a beautiful sight, and had i taken my camera i would've captured it. this post reminds me of that day, and that even though we were going to a funeral, it was a phenomenon that i don't want to forget. you know, rain that you can see far away but dry earth where you stand. it's beautiful. and one day, i will capture it.

    so, lovely post, darling. anthropologie is shamed for not choosing this piece. :)

  5. what was anthropologie thinking!? this is lovely bleah. i heartily agree with you, and i love how you described this feeling :)

  6. That's a really nice way to put your favorite color. Some people just state their favorite color and say it's because it's the color of this and that, but this is really good. It's also a color you're not really sure what, it's just "somewhere between sea foam and gray".

    It's really beautiful. I can't believe Anthropologie didn't use it. A Little Fall of Rain is one of my favorite songs from Les Mis, too. :-D

  7. bleah, this is gorgeous. i loved it. good job. :)

  8. This is really nice. I love rain and I am thrilled that other people like rain, too. And the picture/typography ish gorgeous.

    My favorite colors are lavender, navy blue, coral, and mint green. Along with a bit of grey.

    Keep on writing,

  9. overall lovely. reminds me of summer rainstorms.

  10. Little fall of rain is my song. I was all *gasp as a huge smile spreads across my face* It was a lovely post too, it got me thinking about the different colors of the world and how I associate them. My favourite color has got to purple. Any kind of purple. By the way, what's vanilla cocoa? It sounds yummy!


    P.S. "In the rain the pavement shines like silver, all the lights are misty in the river. In the darkness the trees are full of starlight, and all I see is him and me, forever and forever." - On My Own, Les Miserables

  11. i get the same feeling with rain. it's just so...beautiful yet melancholy. i don't know. but i love it.