words that fill my mind but not my mouth

Here's a journal entry from the other day. I'm not exactly sure if what I said made any sense, but it's just something I felt like sharing.

I’m not entirely sure whether I should receive the words “you’re quiet” as a compliment or an insult. Maybe the giver of words is complimenting my ability to listen and contemplate, rather than give my two cents of everything. Maybe he thinks just a bit more of me simply because I like to listen.
Or maybe the giver of words belittles me in his mind for my apparent unsocialization. Maybe he thinks I have nothing to say. Maybe he thinks I’m bored and uninterested. Maybe he sees me as a nuisance to this conversation, as I’m merely shaking my head and muttering a few words here and there.
One thing you have to understand with me is I have two hundred words but I say ten of them. My mind longs to let out a string of words, whether interesting or not, but my larynx thinks otherwise.
It’s not that I can’t think of anything to say, it’s that I don’t say everything I think. If you traveled into the depths of my mind (which I would advise running far, far away if ever the opportunity arises), you would find me to be a very talkative person. You might even consider me outgoing, which is a word I only used to be described as. The main thing that changed between then and now is my thoughts got louder and my voice got quieter.
I guard my words. I let few people know exactly what I’m thinking, if any at all. Words are powerful in my mind. Few words sometimes tell more than a lot. And so I choose to carefully pick a few words, letting the rest speak for itself. I find no need to continue talking when everything has already been said.
Of course, this is me. I know plenty of talkative people who I admire very much.
Here I am, explaining to you that I say little, while I’m going on and on.
So I shall end this little excerpt here. And while I still haven’t the slightest whether the words I get so very often, you’re quiet, are usually said as a compliment or usually said as an insult, I feel I understand myself a bit better, if nothing else.|



  1. Hmm.. something to truly think about. The meaning of words.. Oh what a life.
    You are lovely just the way you are.. Everyone is. Be it "quiet" or not.


  2. oh yes. this is lovely. really!

  3. Wow. Just, wow. I can completely relate to this. Thank you so much for sharing! xo

  4. this is so. me. some of the time. i'm very talkative most days, but on other days, i'm just as quiet as you are.
    i understand completely. beautiful, darling.

  5. Abby, I can totally relate to this.

  6. This is lovely. I feel like that most of the time, but instead of choosing a few intelligent words, everything I'm thinking at that precise moment spills out of my mouth and I'm left feeling like a complete idiot.
    Beautiful words, Abby. <3

    ~Kate @ in pursuit

  7. I totally relate; this is so me. I have many words to say. many people who don't know me personally call me quiet.

  8. this is completely me. I go through this every time someone says, "well you're quiet aren't you?" (which happens just about every time I meet a new person).
    Thank you so much for this, really. I'm bookmarking it to go back to when I need it :)

  9. Oh this describes me exactly Abby.


  10. I can relate to this. I'm quiet, and when I do speak I'm usually soft-spoken. I tend to think out what I'm going to say and decide if it's worth saying. (Which, in my opinion, is actually a good habit to get into.)

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes! That's what I do, and while I used to think of it as some sort of social skill lacking, I now think of it as something we all should practice. :-)

    2. Social skill lacking. Hmm. Can you tell I'm sleep lacking?

  11. Um so one question- how in the world did you hack into my brain and personality?;) Because that was the closest description of me I've ever heard!! It's something I've kind of struggled with and I definitely needed this post today. Thank you, Abby!

  12. this is so relevant to me. why is it i always get that comment? lovely writing, thank you for sharing this abby :) x - Jianine

  13. I love this. I can totally relate. Thank for sharing!