revisiting old memories

school has finally begun at our house, but that won't stop me from thinking back to this summer.
the months of july and august were good to me. our family vacation took place during that time; i got to meet fellow AOU member jocee and the lovely bleah; i went roller skating for the first time in years; shot a wedding... and basically, i had the most wonderful summer of my life. the memories i made are so special to me, and ones i will cherish for a lifetime to come.
oh september, i can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve. be nice, okay? please and thank you.

so how was your summer, darlings? any special memories you'd like to share?
xo, gracie


  1. YOU SHOT A WEDDING?! why didn't i know this? oh maybe because I got busy and didn't write back :( ;)

  2. the ocean is gorgeous. if I could I'd live on the beach. ON it, not near it.

    jocee + bleah + rollerskating + shooting a wedding = major jelly.

    my summer was... a learning experience for sureeee.

  3. these are so lovely, gracie. my summer was amazing and yet difficult.. we have three extra little boys in our home right now so that complicates things a bit. but summer was really lovely. I learned a lot about what blogging really means, who I was made to be and stuff like dat! :D

  4. your summer sounds totally AMAZING! and when did you shoot a wedding?! did you post about it, because I obviously must've missed it...?
    and MY summer? Florida, photoshoots, babysitting, skyping, & canon 5d mkii. 'nuff said. ;)

    eve @ essence of eve

  5. i didn't know you shot a wedding! congrats! also, i'm still reeling that you got to meet bleah and jocee. the three of you are amazing. gorgeous shots, as usual. i love the last one most. xo

  6. Love the first capture. It's wonderfully refreshing to see the ocean, even if it's in a photograph, after a completely hectic day of beginnings, school and routine.

  7. Mmmm, the beach... That's gotta be one of my favorite summer memories too! I love the photos!

  8. Those pictures are fantastic!
    Summers are usually a bore for me. :( Next summer, I promise that I will make things fun and interesting. :)