clouds outside the window.

i don't remember the last time i woke up and the sky was a solid layer of clouds. when the air smelled of ozone and goosebumps spread across my arms making me regret my decision not to bring a jacket. it hadn't rained, but the air said it was promising. i don't remember the last day like that. and it's sad.

since i've started community college and become used to my surroundings, one of my favourite places to be is in my english classroom. sounds nerdy, i suppose, but it's true. i like the atmosphere. i notice the way people find one seat and make it their own for the whole semester, the silence before class starts and the uproar when someone says what everyone else is thinking. i noticed, one day in class, that there was a picture window at the back of the room. everyday since i found it, i looked at the window and i never liked what i saw. the sun was shining, casting a harsh glow on the cars and the trees, and the sky was a tad bit too blue for the entire colour scheme.

i always wished that one day i would turn around and see clouds. the classrooms were always cold, and my professor most always wore a sweater of some sort, and it seemed to me that it was only fitting for the weather to line itself up. well, yesterday, it did.

the day our first paper was due, our professor had a small presentation for us that required the pull-down monitor. she turned off the lights with a click and instantly the skies grew three shades darker. a fellow classmate whispered in an ominous voice, "it was a dark and stormy night," and the rest of the class giggled, even though i felt a chill running up my spine.

i've always enjoyed weather like this more. i adore sunshine, truly, i do, but there's nothing like the eerie enchantment of a sky looming above the rooftops, tea whistling in their pots, and a good book waiting to be finished. seems like the typical rainy day, but i think those are the best days to do that sort of thing. don't you?



  1. rainy days are like this post = the best. xo

  2. yes yes, i absolutely love this post. rainy days are just wonderful. x - Jianine

  3. rainy days I really don't prefer, but the way you described it is beautiful. :)


  4. rainy days are good sometimes :) when I'm in the mood...xoxo

  5. I always love rainy days. they are my absolute favorite.