the gift list

i am on the daily hunt for eucharisteo: 
thanksgiving, grace, joy.

my moleskine pages are full of an ongoing list of eucharisteo. the messy-gritty, the obvious beauty, the God-glory surrounding me in little brother's laugh, in the purple-flower plants, in the room covered in clothes waiting to be packed away.

it is soothing for my soul, to name these gifts, the everyday joy and pain. it has opened my eyes to the world, and i am searching, ever searching, for the little blessings that make of the bigger picture of what we call life. i notice more now, because i am constantly wanting to notice. i want to reach this dare of one thousand gifts, and now i see things i never noticed before, things i would never have counted as a gift.

1. morning light dancing on my sleepy face
3. sweet memories of camp hanging on my wall
11. melodies sung by nature
19. the fear and excitement of growing up
22. crooked smiles
29. cheap film cameras
34. bare feet on concrete floor
40. white fluff and soft pink and baby blue painted across the sky
68. melting chocolate on fingers

these are the gifts of the everyday that i have come to notice and cherish with these new eyes. every gift listed fills my heart full of joy and grace and thanksgiving- eucharisteo.
have you taken the dare to list one thousand gifts?


  1. Lovely. Just lovely. I've been trying to write down one positive thing in every day, and while it's not quite the same as the one thousand gifts, it's been good for me. Gratefulness is important, yes?

    God bless,

  2. with my 'just little things' lists on my blog, i don't think 1000 will be enough.
    you're such an encouraging, sweet little darling. and your flowers are pretty.

  3. Oh, this is wonderful to read. And I can relate. At the beginning of the year I took the 1,000 Gifts dare as well and it has been good. So good for me. I've gotten up to 218 things I am thankful for.
    I think having thanksgiving-or rather eucharisteo- in our hearts somehow soothes that soft part of our soul. There's something about us that needs to sing to our Savior. I find it completely fulfilling.

    Thanks for the post :)


  4. Ohh Grace this is so so so true and it rings clear and raw and stark in my soul. You've penetrated + captured my heart with your words (and photos) and my my my is it a beautiful feeling.


  5. Oh, this makes me want to start a list. So inspiring and sweet.

  6. love the pictures, and this list. wonderful, inspiring post x
    - Jianine

  7. I've been listing 3 gifts every day since January 1st - yesterday I reached 501. Halfway there! The gift list is just the best.

  8. ah this is so beautiful! i must start this. what a great reminder :) xx

  9. I think I'll try and do this. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

    Also: crooked smiles? YES.