just two blocks away.

grandma sugar {from my mom's side} used to have a summer house in ann arbor, michigan. it was just mommy and daddy and i at the time, and when we went up north for thanksgiving or a spontaneous trip, all in the car, mommy would tell all of these stories that she cherished from her childhood. i think then, i didn't pay attention as much, but now that grandma sold that house and now has a vacation spot here in texas, i treasure those times just as much as mommy does.

compared to ann arbor, what we don't have here is the lake within a five minute's walk, the cool, spicy breeze, and tons of evergreen trees. instead, we have humidity, and while that's pretty much it, i don't complain.

when grandma comes to texas from her hometown in illinois, we make it a point to spend every evening with her. she makes dinner for us {sometimes chicken, sometimes porkchops and applesauce, sometimes burgers and fries and barbecue}, and then daddy turns on sports of some kind. joy and i grab and ice cream sandwich from the freezer, and the four of us settle with a thomas kinkade puzzle or The Word of the Day from the newspaper. we always end up leaving late.

the best thing about going to her house here is that there's no obligations. we don't have to cook, we don't have to clean, we don't have to go anywhere or really do anything at all. we subconsciously bond over our various drinks {read: water, orange crush, pepsi, peach tea} and our favorite basketball teams. our love for jazz records and judging whether or not it's soda or pop. whatever.

so she's coming tomorrow, and i can't wait to wrap my arms around grandma's familiar scent. and even when she's not here, her house is only two blocks away. touchdown.
{pea ess: oy vey, i write long posts, don't i?}


  1. that's soo southern to me.. "grandma sugar". hah. (: and I dont think it's a BAD thing to have long posts!!!! :)


  2. love love love. that's all.

  3. i love your long posts. especially when you're rambling on such an awesome topics as grandmas. i dunno what i'd do without mine :)

  4. i love this. and i love it when your posts are long. :)

  5. aww, that's really sweet. my grandma lives just down the road too. we used to live about 10 hours away from her, but we moved so that we could be close to her and my grandpa.